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Solución de calcio complejado (Ca) (10)

It stimulates the emergence of new root hairs and thus improve the absorption of all nutrients (macro and microelements). Corrects the deficiencies and imbalances due to the lack of calcium since it is only absorbed by young roots of recent formation and root FERTICAL combines a double effect: the contribution of assimilable calcium and the induction of the formation of new roots. Also contains amino acids that improve microbial activity in the soil, as well as organic matter and potassium whose absorption leads to an improvement of all aspects of quality of the fruit: color, odor, caliber... In addition, it has a remarkable effect unlocker; It acts as a corrector of the salinity and induces the Elimination of sodium (Na) by improving the soil structure. In addition, FERTICAL improves the finish of the fruit giving a greater hardness of pulp, a higher brightness to the epidermis and better preservation of fruits during handling and transport.